Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 8: Declaration Official

Finally told the teachers at my studio that I was indeed embarking on the 60 day challenge. And yes, I've decided to officially do 60. Mostly because time is on my side. The 60 day challenge will end right around when I'm supposed to go back to New York for my junior year at NYU. If there was any time to do the 60 day challenge, NOW is definitely the time. I try to practice as regularly as I can during the school year, but between funds and schedules and God knows what else, it's really hard to say, "I will do X number of classes in X number of days." Some weeks I may get to yoga every night; other weeks, I'm lucky if I go at all.

Also, I'd love to return to school feeling cleansed and ready. I've definitely felt myself sink into a little bit of cynicism as school wears on (I know, you're shocked right?), and I'd love to come to the year feeling like my body and mind are in the same place and at optimal working conditions.

It felt good to be back in the hot room tonight. Maybe because I took a little time yesterday to rest, I felt like I could get a little deeper into poses with more stamina. I'm also coming to appreciate how well the class dialogue does work (never thought I'd say that!). The first back bend of class especially. Seriously, just look back and keep pointing at what you see. Suddenly, I'm bending deeper than I've ever bent before, with the whole spine stretching, and not wobbling as much. I used to try and wrench back there and then get my arms to meet. But, I concede to the dialogue: that new way of bending feels so much better.

And, for a final sappy moment, I found another thing I love about yoga. It was post-camel, when everything always seems beautiful and sad and wonderful to me, and my heart was pounding. For some reason, I felt really blissful knowing I could hear my heartbeat. It's always there, but I never listen to it until I'm in yoga.

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