Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 22: Heat Wave

Technically, the room is always the same temperature. But, reading other blogs and in my own limited experience, the room changes just like the practice does. Today was one of those, "Oh my GOD I'm being burned alive type mornings."

Humidity outside+temp outside+temp inside+humidity inside=one hot class

Walking out of there, the word that came to mind was crucible. (So that I don't sound like a total douche, I've had to read/discuss that play so many times, usually resulting in an argument with a good friend of mine about a random exchange, and the meaning of the title comes up at least once. No, I don't walk around all day going, "I hope I can use the word 'crucible' today.") Always taking issue with the words "Torture Chamber," I like it when new terms occur. I think crucible was pretty apt for this morning. My body felt so heated that it washed away and melted some of the bullshit, opened up a new plane. I walked out of the room and felt sort of dazed, but also really excellent.

Yoga almost always brings stress relief, but this was something different. It felt very precious. I didn't want it to stop. Whatever the case may be, the rest of my day proceeded very positively, and I'd like to believe that yoga had something to do with it.

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