Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 12: The Oasis

Last night, a good friend told me how my blog was helping inspire her (which was so touching. Thank you if you're reading this one!) to maintain a "slice of paradise in her heart."

Bikram calls his yoga room "The Torture Chamber," but I have to disagree. It's come to be the place where I feel most calm and safe. Today, I went to a morning class and then came back to the movie theater next to the studio. Actually was thinking, "You know, I could always do another class today..." I didn't because of other commitments, but this yoga has so quickly become a part of my life.

The class is described by Bikram as 90 minutes of "moving meditation." He also says something along the lines of his yoga is designed to help you relax under extreme circumstances (IE a crazy amount of heat, florescent lights, mirrors, no escape). Maybe that's why it took such a hold in LA and New York before branching out.

In any case,  the more often I go, the better I feel in and out of the room. Sometimes, I psyche myself out before heading in, but once I'm in the room, it's elation.

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