Thursday, July 7, 2011

DAy 11: 1+1

Today was double day. First double ever. Luckily, I talked to a teacher beforehand and split up the classes like they recommended.

First class, 9:30, can be summed up in one thought: "Just don't vomit."

No, but seriously, there were a good three or four moments where I thought, "Here it comes. OH GOD SORRY LISA." Luckily, I did not throw up on Lisa, especially since she taught the second class. I got through the damn thing, though. It became pretty clear that I need to start having some kind of fruit or juice something before class.

I figured the 6:00 class would either be a vast improvement, or that I would just spend the whole 90 minutes on my back, praying not to hit the ceiling with my vomit again.

Turned out to be a pretty wonderful class. I felt extremely synced up, like all the muscles, bone, mind, and joints were listening to my breath. Instead of sort of throwing myself into a lot of back bends and forcing my muscles to do the postures, I let myself sink into them easier. It really felt great.

I also really appreciated how the teachers handled it. They supported me through it without making a huge deal about it. It was just a polite, warm reception, and it helped. At about 5:40, I have to admit that all I could think was, "Just stay on the bench. No one will notice. Just stay on the bench." Got up the stairs, got into the room, and there's the victory.

Now, I'm all caught up. 11 classes in 11 days. Ain't no stopping us now.

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