Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 30: Halfway There

Woo halfway point!

I took my sister for her first class today! Bought her first ten days as a birthday present (because, yes, I'm that person. I will buy you yoga classes as birthday presents and will also probably send you "This really interesting article in The New Yorker/Huffington Post/The Nation about the Freedom Riders/movies/immigration reform that I found so illuminating and thought you might like.") As she put it, "Well, I definitely thought I was going to throw up at least twice." Slowly, though, it was fun to watch her feel better. We were getting lunch after class when she just walked over with a big smile to tell me, "I feel so good right now!"

Gonna drag her back for 10 days, make sure she gives it a fair shot. I felt guilty, though. I gave her the rundown of all the rules and what to expect and what not to eat, but I did sort of forget to mention that, yes, this is actually really hard. I looked over at the beginning of class, and she definitely looked a little shell shocked. I think she knew, and I knew she knew, but it hits you hard first class. Some of the postures are just uncomfortable.

But she hung in there and did great. I was happy. I would feel terrible if I sent my sister screaming from the room.

30 down, 30 to go. I feel very strong right now, very content. I really wanted to make 30 in 30, and I have. Now, onto the next challenge, but it's also a celebration to me. We'll see what happens!

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