Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 20: Middle of a Double Day

Doing two classes today, just because I don't think I can make it in tomorrow with my work schedule/taking a day away from things might feel nice.

This morning's class was really wonderful. Lots of new people, lots of people PERIOD, and just a good energy in the room. I was in front of a couple who were both 63 and practicing for the first time. Fucking awesome. And, for the first time in a good week or so, I actually felt like I was on solid footing. I still wobbled and weebled, but it wasn't a total train wreck (see: every other day this week). Standing Bow especially felt really great. Not the pose itself, but what happened after. Also, I did both sets of Rabbit for the first time ever.

Rabbit is supposed to be the post-Camel reward. After the most intense backbend in class, you drop into the most forward bend, filling your body with all sorts of warm feelings. For whatever reason, Camel has always been pretty OK by me. But Rabbit literally causes spasms of fear and confusion. I nearly always pop out of it because I just get too flustered. So, both sets for the first time is a big deal for me. And, I gotta say, it felt fantastic. Whole back side of my body was warm and open.

Headed into class two in a few hours. It may be great, it may be terrible, I've stopped worrying about it. I also got a note from a friend that says she's embarked on her own 30-day yoga challenge, which just makes me so happy. Thank you, Clara, if you're reading this. It helps me get back to class this afternoon.

Let's do this

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