Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Knowing Your Limits, or My First Yoga Exorcism

My first blog post from the city! What fun, oh joy yada yada yada

Move in's been a little nuts due to the hurricane. So, got pushed back to today (Tuesday) from Sunday. Family changed plans, drove up 8 hours yesterday, got lost in FiDi where I was spending the night on a futon, finally found it, friends and I walked everywhere (particularly to a lovely dinner by my fantastic cousins!), crashed on the futon, woke up, carried my stuff on the subway, threw it all into my new room, grabbed a quick but rich lunch, and said tearful goodbyes.

For some reason, after this 48 hour clusterfuck, I still thought, "I know what let's do! Let's go to a brand new studio, one we've never been to before, and take bikram yoga."

This 48 hour clusterfuck led to what I'm calling my yoga exorcism. Basically, I got through the warm up. And then found myself sitting for the entire standing series. And, then it became not just sitting out, but weeping. Openly weeping. Everything from the past 48 hours, from the summer, from whatever just started coming and would not stop. Somehow, I did the spine strengthening series (I'm so proud of that fact) but then I basically just couldn't stop crying again for the rest of class.

I'm trying to remember that this is a good thing, the gift of my body letting something go. I'm taking class again in about twelve hours, trying to make sure I go in extra hydrated and ready to go. All things considered, I have nowhere to go but up after today!

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