Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 49: Moving

I've spent the greater past few hours trying to find a new yoga home in New York (where I'll be again in two weeks...holy balls) First off, Yelp is a scary place when in the hands of New Yorkers, not gonna lie. There is no middle ground. People either rave about the studio, or bitch about it and about Bikram yoga. Don't get me wrong, I have my complaints about the system but don't blame the particular studio for following the guidelines.

One interesting phrase was definitely "McBikram." I sort of agree. It is definitely corporate to have one yoga system taught, worldwide, the same way every time. Frustrating? Yeah, a little bit.

However, as I've learned in the past 49 days, it's never the same class. And it's never the same class for the person next to you. One day, everything fits and you feel like, "Wow this was built for me it's amazing blah blah blah namaste" and then there's the ones where everything sucks and you wish the dialogue would stop and you could just get out of the room. Unlike McDonald's, each customer does get something different from his or her Bikram practice.

For me, I do sometimes miss the chance for diversion or individuality. Sometimes, I'd really like to spend more time in a pose or opt out for something different. I have really really tight hips. Lots of days I wish there were more hip-opening poses in the series. I'm also curious about adding inversions into my practice. The easy answer is do them on my own, but there is something fun about a small, individualized yoga class.

On the flipside, it's great to work every system every time, leading to a more balanced body over time. I just find it frustrating that people think you need to buy it all or reject it totally. Bikram isn't perfect, I'm well aware. However, there's a lot to gain from it. If you feel like you aren't getting every single posture you need, nothing wrong with looking elsewhere or asking questions.

I guess this is all coming from my nerves about moving back to NYC/NYU. I don't want to give up my Bikram practice but how in the name of God can I pay for it? Either I get a workstudy and have no spending money, or get a job job and pay for the classes out of my wages.

I'm also just nervous about finding my NYC studio. I got really lucky here in Pittsburgh. A new studio opened only a bus ride away, staffed by wonderfully warm and helpful instructors. I'm going to miss them and don't know who I'll find in NYC. There's always this guy. One part of my brain goes, "Oh no, never him, don't do that." The dancer brain goes, "FUCK YEAH DO IT."

Needless to say, we're gonna have a lot more blogging.

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