Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 60: The Beginning

Well, as of this morning around 11:00, I did my 60 classes of yoga in 60 days. Yes, there were many doubles and lots of running around to make them fit, but they did. Considering I was waiting tables and teaching part time, I'm pretty psyched that I made the challenge happen at all. In the future, it would be great to do a challenge with less doubling but for my first one, I'm proud as hell.

I was happy with my 60th class because it was just a class. It wasn't the best I've ever done, but it wasn't the worst, just another class in the long line of classes to come. I'd rather experience that than a total trainwreck or try and think of my 60th class as the magic class where everything I was perfect.

That's why I'm always grateful that the teachers practice in the room with us, not some special teachers' class. It's really nice to see them fall. That sounds terrible. So terrible. But it's not what it sounds like! It's just nice to know that this never really stops. Even if you've been practicing forever, you're gonna fall. It's OK. You're also going to look amazing in a ton of postures that some of us still look at with fear.

There will be pictures later. And I'm pretty sure this blog will continue. Because let's be real, I'm gonna end up doing another challenge at some point. The Overachiever Conditioning will never be gone!

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