Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 43: Good Long Stretch

I missed Saturday and Sunday due to work. So, I'm doing 5 classes in three days. 2 down, 3 to go.

Got to admit I miss it when I'm gone. Usually I don't get too sore/tight, but oh man was I feeling it this morning. And tonight! I felt muscles in my back during standing bow that I didn't know existed. Definitely two classes of reopening.

But it's a remarkable sensation, feeling your body open up each class. Today it was during standing separate leg stretch. It's a nice pose after three balancing poses to calm you down, get your heart feeling normal, but it's an amazing stretch for the spine as you pull on the heels. I finally really pulled today in the second class and actually felt my lower back give over to gravity.

My body has never been especially flexible or malleable, so these moments are actually incredible to me. I can put my face on my knees....what? It's really incredible to realize potential and feel changes. What's also great, though, is to hear them from someone who's known you. My best friend even said yesterday, "It's like you're more vibrant every time I see you."

Yeah, it would be amazing to see a 6 pack or whatever. But in the end, this is about health. I feel healthier. I feel myself changing. I see myself healthier. I see myself changing.

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